Friday, March 1, 2013

Historically Good Times Ahead

I have mentioned in previous posts that things are weird for me now, for various issues and concerns that I haven't gone into.

One of those problems has hereby been solved! I got a new job.


It wasn't that I hated my previous position as a marketing writer. It's just that I've been doing it for eight years. The job had evolved, as things tend to do over the course of eight years, to include way more work and no more pay. And it was all becoming rote. My ability to keep things fresh and interesting was slipping and I couldn't rouse the energy to care any longer.

So then a new position within my company came up, and within a couple weeks, BAM, it was mine. Yes.

I am now... (this is the super-cool part)... a historian. I get to record history. For a living.

This company, which deals in hotels, pubs and breweries, is unique to the Pacific NW in that the owners buy up old, historic, run-down properties and turn them into these amazing, colorful places where you can drink house-made beer, wine and spirits, see live music, watch a movie, stay the night in the hotel and more. But before the places open, our lead historian digs into the state archives and records to find out why the building was built, who worked and lived there, what happened to it, what events were held there. He interviews the people who came before us so that everything we do henceforth -- the artwork, the rooms, even the menus, in some cases -- are informed by history. It is meaningful work. And now I get to be involved.

One of my tasks will be coordinating History Pubs, in which we organize speakers to present on some facet of Pacific NW history and guests can come and listen to the program while they eat and drink. So I will get to meet some amazingly interesting people, learn more about the region and hear some wonderful stories. For a living.



Betty van den Betsy said...

That sounds absolutely marvelous. Congratulations, and may it be every bit as fab as it seems it will be.

Robyn said...

You're going to be awesome at this. Enjoy!